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Stop stupid crushing of organic land!


©Florence Kennel


When she rides bike over the vineyards of Gevrey, Florence Kennel, a french wine journalist, does not have the nose into the grindstone. She knows how to enjoy the sights and take offense at the upheaval of land. Because that is what it is, when a backhoe is peeling the ground, crushing the bedrock and change permanently the capacity of the basement to express its natural characteristics. The debate is obviously open, contradictory and warm,  objectively transcribed on his blog by Laurent Gotti, journalist in Bourgogne aujourd'hui, and based on the statements of the various protagonists. If Gevrey-Chambertin Bel Air from Domaine de la Vougeraie, show-window and group Boisset‘s biodynamic good conscience, is a wine usually "thin and lacking body," said Pierre Vincent, manager of the estate, it’s the fault in the basement, unable to let the vine settle properly. "Wrong!" answer Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, reputed biologists in the world. "The problem come from the plant." Also according to them, if this land has been classified historically first thought, it is unthinkable not to be able to produce a wine worthy of the name. Now that the damage is done through a more frequent and devastating practice, it only remains to hope that the results are better than expected, because no way back is possible. Unless you use an “uncrushing machine”? This uncertain and doubtful practice, therefore, raises big questions, just when the “Climats de Bourgogne” seek their inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage. How, in the region that revels in its soils, the man can reshape the ground without betraying it? And on what grounds? I imagine without difficulty that the Cistercian monks must be turning in their graves!


And some guys still don't want to incorporate human intervention in the fundamental concept that links the wine in the place where it is produced ...


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During that time, Olivier Cousin
, who does not militate for the classification of its soil from Loire in the heritage of UNESCO, continues to plow with horse and his wines are refused to AOC  ...






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